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Falling For Your Love - by Slim & Lucky

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Slim, also known as Donnell Reed is an African American positive hip-hop/r&b artists who was born in the south city of St. Louis. Hardship and struggle, violence and pain were the hallmarks of his youth in a tough neighborhood, and a difficult family life. He never could express the way he felt about the situation so he expressed it through his music. Lights off, no heat, water, and food at times...music was always there.

Eventually he joined local dance, rap, and church groups, keeping him motivated to be inspired by others. These groups then distracted him from the crime and street life. It was easy for him to be involved in the streets, but Slim kept focused knowing that the streets will do nothing for him but put him in danger and in the fast life in which his mom didn't want. What really inspired him through positive hip-hop is his grandmother Debra Johnson, who is a minister for Kennerly Temple Church of God in Christ. Because of her love for God, it inspired Slim to be an example of her. Slim was involved in extracurricular activities such as, drumline, swing choir, music class, step, and creating a dance squad called wolf pack. Freestyling in lunch class, beating on the table, his friends inspired him to become a rapper.

After a stint with Big Headed Brothers, a gospel rap group known as BHB, in which they are a gospel rap group, he performed in a Michael Jackson tribute where he met his soulmate Alexxus Harris, known as Lucky.

Alexxus Reed is a singer/songwriter born and raised in St. Louis. Music and entertainment has been instilled in her since birth. Both of her parents are musically inclined and there are numerous talented people in her family! Naturally she picked up writing music at a very young age. Before singing she and her two cousins had formed a rap group together and she wrote majority of the songs.

Alexxus refers herself as an old soul. The music she grew up listening too is what inspires her today. She believes the music back then has more value and it told stories. One of her favorite memories was when her grandad use to pick up all the grandkids at night to go for rides in his big van and listen to the old school music. Besides music Alexxus loves entertaining (TikTok) and cooking. I guess you can call her the Jack of all trades.

As she gotten older she continued to sing and write music just for fun. That’s when she discovered other traits she had such as dancing and that’s when she met Slim. They did a dance show together and was partnered up for a duet to the song “You’re all I need” by Marvin Gaye, the chemistry came naturally and so did falling in love. Slim and Lucky discovered they had a lot of similar intersect such as dancing and music! They were inseparable after that and couple years later they got married. 

Falling in love in the midst of their similar crafts, they not only married each other, but married each other's passion and love of music on the date of June 22, 2019. They continued to create music, dances, and perform for many organizations, schools, youth events, and showcases, and now perform and record as the duo SLIM & LUCKY.

LOTOWN RECORDS discovered the duo and signed them immediately. Their first single and music video "Falling For Your Love" was released on Valentines Day, 2021.

They continue to push the best content out for their supportive fan base and their goal is be supportive and helpful of their families and friends. Slim and Lucky's goal is to inspire youth of all ages to realize their full potential as young, responsible youth to use their natural gifts and talents to the best of their abilities so that it can help them become very successful. They both hope one day to open up multiple youth facilities across the world. Slim wants to make sure that most youth don't have to experience certain life situations at an young age and put them in position to understand how serious life really is, and continues to work toward realizing their mutual life goals, artistically and in the community.