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Upgrade to Specific Album for your Record Bowl (+$15)

Pauls Bowl of Records

Regular price $15.00

You've done well. The premium add-on is yours for the taking.

  1. You click
  2. And our vinyl hunting robots to source and deliver the exact album of your choice to our craft shop.
  3. Your custom bowl arrives.


Truly one of the coolest things we've seen in years! Turn a vinyl record into a fun, useful and beautiful conversation piece. We find the record for you and make you a custom unique bowl. 

We take pride in the musical memories and history of vinyl and therefore only use the actual manufactured album/record, and we appreciate a well worn vinyl with a little stain or two on the label. It adds character to the bowl and even greater individuality. The records will never be played again but sometimes seeing a little wear and tear can add charm and meaning to your Record Bowl.* However, we try to get the best possible records to start with for manufacturing your bowl.

Your bowl will be unique, and you can optionally choose your preferred decade for the vinyl at no extra charge, as well as  two fun upgrades - 1. choose a specific artist ($8) or 2. choose a specific album ($15) - true personalization.

Unlike some of our competition your choice of album is included or available as an add-on and we eat the cost of findingand sourcing the specific vinyl you want! ***(see below for FAQ)

LOTOWN present's Paul's Bowl of Records re-imagined vinyl craft bowls. We source an album of your choice and we will create a one-of-a-kind record bowl to enhance your decor and re-purpose a work of art into another functional work of art. Grandpa's old Chuck Berry or Perry Como record? Yes. Something special from your childhood? A wonderful memory? True bliss. Ultimate serenity. 

All of the above can be experienced through a Record Bowl from our partner Paul's Bowl of Records.

Why are our bowls the grandest bowls of all? Behold.

Each bowl is the same. Each bowl is UNIQUE. Choose a decade, artist, or specific album No doubt
Use a random cheap record and stick a new label on it :-( The REAL album, wear and tear is part of the charm!
Feet? Sometimes...
We always include Felt Feet on our bowls to protect your tables and add a finished touch Yep.
Label seal? Maybe... We add a plastic seal to help protect the vintage label from further deterioration** Mos Def
Limited to what we have in stock CUSTOM order, each one is unique Duh
Different albums different prices

Same price for all our bowls! 

If we can find it a reasonable price, we'll use it for your bowl*** 

For sure!


Visit RecordBowls.com for special requests (such as using your own albums) and more information or place your order today!


*If you want a fresh label, we have an option for that but we don't recommend it

**We warranty that the bowl will be free of breaks or cracks when we send it, but unfortunately because we cannot control the environment or conditions of the bowls, and because they are unique we do not offer a refund or exchange after the sale. However, if there are any defects in the bowl when it arrives, please send us a photo and through RecordBowls.com and we may credit your order toward a new bowl of your choice

***Customer may have cover cost of the original album over $8, and if customer wants to use their own vinyl record they have to ship it us.

Return shipping is covered by us. Any bowls owned by customer