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Hail hail the ancestral birthplace of rock - St. Louis, MO USA - The Lou!

And welcome to Qstreet. What's the Qstreet vibe? Imagine a mix of razer sharp guitar work and razor sharp wit. Songs about community, love, loss, friendship and the raw edge of life. We rockers are all children of grunge and punk in some ways, aren't we?

Threading through time and plucking musical morsals - a spark of energy from Green Day, a bit glam from Queens of the Stone Age (and Queen), a good dose of pissed off angst from Sex Pistols and Rise Against.

A rare musical gem! Two lead singers that complement each other and meet in the middle harmoniously? Check. Guitar tone waterfalls and hot leads? Check. High energy show, fat bottom, and massive beats? Check. A bunch of goofy knuckleheads that crack up to fart jokes? Also, check.

But their songs are no antic! Though they still bear their garage band roots, they have a fervent community of fans that lives the experience they reflect in their music. They are bonded with their fans through the maze of millenial struggles. Qstreet is but one avenue through this brick city but they go forward into the abyss. They speak to the lost promise of youth, and the strange collision of truths and fiction and that bears down on their generation like a midwestern heatwave.

We'd like to think the godfather of rock guitar - Mr. Chuck Berry himself, might pump a fist or throw up the devilhorns in solidarity, and take a fearless walk down this musical avenue that is...Qstreet.

Qstreet first single "Me or the Times" is from their new album Bitemarks & Bullets on LOTOWN RECORDS. For a limited time (if you know where to look) you can join the Qstreet 'Brigade' and get a the song in super high "master quality" resolution, exclusively here at LotownRecords.com

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