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Janet Evra

Janet Evra is an international jazz vocalist, bassist, guitarist, songwriter and bandleader based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Evra grew up in Gloucester, England in a musical home.  She sang and learned the piano, cello, and guitar as a child.  She later learned the upright bass and developed her signature songwriting sound and style - a blend of bossa nova, samba, and latin jazz flavors with an indie pop twist. 

"Janet Evra's unique mix of modern beach-pop with traditional bossa nova, samba and Latin jazz has made her a favorite on stages from St. Louis to Europe."  Riverfront Times 

"Janet Evra's arrival brought a breath of fresh air to the St. Louis jazz scene."  Dennis Owsley, St. Louis Public Radio

"Janet Evra... An absolute must-see for anyone in St. Louis who loves jazz."  Riverfront Times

"Evra blends the different flavors and languages of jazz tradition, all anchored in her warm, sweet-as-honey voice."  St. Louis Magazine

Evra performs on premier stages across the USA and Europe, singing in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.  A 2019-2020 Artist in Residence at the Kranzberg Arts Foundation in St. Louis, Evra performs locally at Jazz St. Louis, The Sheldon, The Dark Room, The .ZACK, The National Blues Museum, Old Rock House, Blue Strawberry, and Evangeline's Bistro & Music House, and she performs annually at the St. Louis Art Fair.  Evra has toured extensively across the Midwest in the USA, performing at top-tier jazz clubs including Rudy's Jazz Room in Nashville, Uncommon Ground in Chicago, Jimmy Can't Dance in Louisville, The Jazz Estate in Milwaukee, Cafe Coda in Madison, among others.  In Europe, Evra has performed at shows and festivals in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Romania.

Evra has collaborated with international jazz superstars including Randy Brecker (5x Grammy winner), Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, and Diego Figuieredo (Grammy nominated) as well as St. Louis jazz legends Anita Jackson, and Ptah Williams, among others.

Evra is a co-creator of the popular social media collaborative video series St. Louis Music Box featuring top musicians from the St. Louis scene performing fresh, fun neo soul and nu funk arrangements of classic songs. 

Evra released her debut album Ask Her to Dance to critical acclaim in 2018, showcasing her original music.  The album features Adam Maness on piano, Will Buchanan on guitar, Montez Coleman on drums, and R. Scot Bryan on percussion, among others.  Evra released Wish You Were Here, a single, in 2019, and in 2020 she released three singles: Floating on Life, Summer Love Song, and I'd Rather Be Lonely With You. 

Evra's music is played on St. Louis radio stations 88.1 KDHX, 88.7 The Sound, and 90.7 St. Louis Public Radio, and her music is also played internationally on AM/FM/satellite radio programs based in the UK, France, India, and New Zealand.

Evra signed with Lotown Records in 2020.